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Insurance DWH Model
Insurance DWH model

Turbulent times, saturated markets, and new regulations highlight the importance of the availability of the right information at the right time for the insurance industry. Our PI Insurance DWH Model®  allows you to make informed and data-driven decisions, transforming your information into meaningful actions.

Insurance DWH model

Our PI Insurance DWH Model®  helps you make the right decisions and enables you to take appropriate actions which will affect your decision-making process.

We provide the basis for quality analysis of available data by deriving accurate information. The Insurance DWH Model is a standard industry data warehouse model applicable for both life and non-life insurances.

Based on data represented in the model, all standard insurance reporting and analysis Data Marts can be delivered.

Our PI Insurance DWH Model® enables insurances to exploit the potential of detailed information previously locked in legacy systems, inaccessible to the business user. It is is a platform-independent solution that offers the scalability and flexibility needed to address existing and future data consolidation requirements.

Insurance DWH Model
Built on industry best practices and open for all necessary modifications to adjust to individual customer needs
Based on a strong Primary Key – Foreign Key relationships that assure consistency in the model itself and in the content of the implemented Data Warehouse System
Organizes data around a number of key business subjects
Supports a stable decision-making process
Includes a number of most commonly used pre-defined summarizations
Consists of more than 400 Entities (Tables) grouped in 27 Subject areas and divided into 4 functional groups, with an additional Data Mart, derived from the functional groups’ entities
Insurance DWH Model
Minimizes development costs
Delivers a competitive advantage by enabling the consolidation of clean data across multiple systems
Provides a “single version of the truth”
Enables business users to more effectively control and reduce the time taken to scope their requirements, as well as subsequent customization and any extension of the data warehouse
Enables consistent and consolidated reports
Supports rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful data
Facilitates a structured approach to subsequent customization and extension of the data warehouse
Provides updates to include ongoing data requirements of industry directives regularly
Reduces the risk of failure by facilitating an incremental approach to delivering integrated data warehouse solution
Insurance DWH Model

Our PI Insurance DWH Model®  streamlines standards creation and development, provides a base for model-driven development and maintenance of standards, and serves the entire insurance industry.

The Model consists of interrelated models (facets) with different views to define the nature of the insurance industry:

  • Business Glossary contains common insurance definitions
  • Capability Model defines what insurance companies do
  • Information Model organizes and relates insurance concepts
  • Data Model derives concepts from Information Model into a format used for database design
  • Component Model provides the building blocks for custom solutions
  • Process Framework provides a workflow-oriented model for implementing insurance processes and messages across an enterprise
  • Product Framework is a graphical notation which enables users to quickly, easily, and precisely represent insurance products in a manner that is useful to all levels of an enterprise
  • Fosters collaboration and approval between business and IT, as necessary, to turn business requirements into actionable solutions
  • Allows the possibility to integrate data between bank and insurance company in one common data warehouse model
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Insurance DWH Model


Make data driven decisions and transform information into meaningful actions.

Our PI Insurance DWH Model® is the exclusive intellectual property of Poslovna Inteligencija. PI grants a nontransferable and nonexclusive right to use the Insurance DWH Model® with delivered customizations and extensions to its Customers who purchased the model.

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