Our standard industry data warehouse models for Retail, Telco, Banking and Insurance industries cover traditional Business Intelligence requirements, regulatory requirements including GDPR and IFRS 15 and Big Data Analytics requirements.

DWH Models features

Delivers competitive advantage by enabling the consolidation of clean data across multiple systems
Supports rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful data
Facilitates a structured approach to subsequent customization and extension of the data warehouse
Enables business users to more effectively control and reduce the time taken to scope their requirements
Provides a solid basis for statutory reporting and relationship management supporting decision support and executive information applications
PI DWH models help to minimize development costs
Reduces the risk of failure by facilitating an incremental approach to delivering integrated data warehouse solution
Fosters collaboration and approval between business and IT, as necessary, to turn business requirements into actionable solutions
Helps you obtain your data from different sources and transform them into useful information

Data warehouse models

Telco DWH model

Improve your decision-making process based on quality data using advanced analytics and be a part of digital transformation. Extract consumer insights to learn more about their preferences and reinvent the customer experience.

Banking DWH model

Gain insight into customer trends and historical data – optimize discounting, improve retention and segment your customer base to effectively acquire new customers. Data warehouse provides the basis for quality analysis of available data by deriving accurate information.

Insurance DWH model

Make informed and data-driven decisions and transform information into meaningful actions. Turbulent times of saturated markets and new regulations, highlight the importance of the availability of the right information at the right time for the (re)insurance industry.

Retail DWH model

Retail DWH model ® is standard industry data warehouse model applicable for retailers and wholesalers, covering traditional Business Intelligence requirements, regulatory requirements and Big Data Analytics requirements.

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Industry standard data warehouse solutions for telecommunication, banking, insurance and retail industries.

Data Warehouse Models © 2016 – 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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