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Build your Data Warehouse or Data Lake utilizing our PI industry specific DWH Models®

Poslovna inteligencija provides implementation services and education directly and through implementation partners.

Our 20+ years of experience and knowledge of decision support system implementation will help you achieve greater profitability, greater return on investment (ROI), and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

We are proud to be one of the rare companies in the world who offer best of the breed industry DWH models and skillful resources, helping you implement the models while understanding your business and customizing them to suite your requirements.

The following roles are available to help solve your analytics problems by implementing PI DWH models:

DWH Models - Roles

Data Architects

10+ years of experience in industry and data modeling and architecture

Business Analysts

10+ years of experience in industry, working with business users and requirement definitions


Different levels of seniority, experience in industry, database, integration and DWH / BI platforms

When it’s time to engage with us?

In any scenario we will provide you with top resources who will proactively analyse your business operations and identify your needs. Who will help you create a system that will give you improved operational control, help you respond faster to change, help you monitor key performance indicators (KPI) and the independence of business users when creating reports, and improve your cost management. After successful implementation of ICT services, we continuously perform system administration and provide all necessary support for its use.

Implementation methodology


Initial 1-2 weeks include workshops to define overall requirements, establish expectations and form timelines


Model customization and source-to-target mappings are done based on functional groups


Mappings may require 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity


Order of functional groups is defined with the customer by priority

About DWH Models

In PI DWH Model semantic data model is actually integrated with logical data model in several ways

PI DWH Model is customizable per customer specific requests. There are several types of customizations:

Meet our team

Dražen Oreščanin
Data Architect, Data Analyst
Marko Štajcer
Data Architect, Big Data solution Expert
Snježana Škledar
Data Architect, Business Analyst
Lidija Karaga
Data Architect, Data Analyst
Zoran Novaković
Data Architect, Data Analyst
Antonija Tadić
Data Architect
Ivana Opačak
Data Analyst
Mateja Novaković
Matija Maletić
Principal Consultant
Martin Markač
Line of Business Director
Nikolina Rendulić
Principal Consultant

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