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“BIS provides services to support your Digital Transformation journey on premise, on cloud or hybrid. We provide solutions to bridge your traditional IT services with modernized, cloud native applications and data management platforms. Innovation is in our ADN. Whether adopting Cloud, DevOps, ML/AI-MLOps, Lakehouse, Services Mesh, API Gateway, or IoT we help you to deploy a secure, scalable, resilient and integrated IT environment. Monitoring and Observability are part of our comprehensive solutions, making sure end to end manageability drives both technical and financial control. Our standards based component Architectures and Agile methodology add flexibility to our developments and deployments, enabling fast adoption of new technologies and adapting to new business needs. With our 20+ years of experience supporting complex IT platforms, BIS partners with DWH Models to accelerate Datawarehouse modernization, based on proven stadards models and agile deployment methodologies.”

Bird Consulting
Tarsha Systems
Integrated Digital Technologies LLC

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Resell one of the most comprehensive and prominent Data Warehouse solutions for the Telecommunication, Banking, Insurance and Retail industries.
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