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New version of DWH Banking model 3.1

As we continue to work on developing and perfecting our DWH models, we present you a new 3.1 version of the PI DWH model for the banking sector available since the beginning od 2020!

The new version of PI DWH Banking model brings improvements in the form of additional alignment of standard subject areas to meet new banking market needs and the model now contains over 500 entities. The implementation guide further enriches and elaborates on the topics such as Source-To-Target mapping, provides additional recommendations regarding DWH / Data Lake architecture, and brings further refined implementation methodology and steps related to successful testing. Business glossary is now enriched and currently contains over 150 terms.

New addition is that we are currently in the process of aligning the PI DWH Banking model with financial industry regulations modeled on the FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology) model!

We’ll keep you posted on new features!

Our Banking Data Warehouse Model is standard industry data warehouse model, business-oriented and designed to support different business needs from regulatory and daily/weekly/decade/monthly operational and management reporting to very complex ad hoc analysis and simulations. Model is based on industry standards and implementation best practices, proven in real implementation projects. It has an extremely flexible design.

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