We are providing implementation services and education directly or through our implementation partners. Let us help you build your data warehouse or data lake utilizing PI standard industry models in the most efficient way, our years of experience and knowledge of decision support systems implementation will help you achieve greater profitability, greater return on investment (ROI), and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

We are proud to be one of the rare companies in the world who can offer both best of the breed industry DWH models and skillfull resources who can help you implement the models understanding your business and customize them to suite your specific needs.

The following roles are available to help solve your analytics problems by implementing PI DWH models:

  • Data architects – 7+ years of experience in industry and data modeling and architecture
  • Business Analysts – 7+ years of experience in industry, working with business users and requirment deinition
  • Developers – different levels of seniority, experience in industry, database, integration and DWH / BI platforms

When it’s time to engage with us?

  1. You need a brand new analytical system or you want to completely replace your existing architecture.
  2. You need help with a specific problem or project (PoC, PoT)
  3. You are out of ideas and need strategic consulting
  4. The time has come to finally change your technology, either you have a technical debt or your system is low on performance/functionality
  5. Everything is working fine, but you would like to check if it can be better

In any scenario we will provide you with top resources who will proactively analyse your business operations and identify your needs. Who will help you create a system that will give you improved operational control, help you respond faster to change, help you monitor key performance indicators (KPI) and the independence of business users when creating reports, and improve your cost management. After successful implementation of ICT services, we continuously perform system administration and provide all necessary support for its use.

Implementation methodology

  • Initial 1-2 weeks of workshops to define overall requirements and to establish expectations and timelines
  • Model customization and source-to-target mappings are done based on Functional groups.
  • For each Functional group customization and mappings may require 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity
  • Order of  Functional groups is defined with customer by priority

 About Model

In PI DWH Model semantic data model is actually integrated with logical data model in several ways:

  • Relationships between the various entities are named and they describe type of relationship – practical example for subtype relationship between Device and Product table is named “Device is a Product”
  • Naming conventions for entities and attributes are respected throughout the model
  • All attributes have a domain. Domains are not only generic (String, Number, Date), but also context-specific and descriptive of attribute role

PI DWH Model is customizable per customer specific requests. There are several types of customizations:

  • Customizing of existing Entities including changing attribute properties (name, type, and description), adding new attributes, adding indexes etc.
  • Creating of new Entities if there is a requirement for a new dimension or new aggregation
  • Adding new Subject areas with multiple entities that will cover new business areas
  • Customizing of physical model – defining partitions, block sizes etc.


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