Poslovna Inteligencija Data Warehouse Data Model for Retail and Distribution (PI Retail DWH model ®) is standard industry data warehouse model applicable for retailers and wholesalers, covering traditional Business Intelligence requirements, regulatory requirements and Big Data Analytics requirements.

Data Warehouse Model for Retail

PI Retail DWH model ® is based on industry best practices, developed and applied during data warehouse system implementations in retailers in Europe. Also, it is open for necessary alterations and modifications required for each new customer. Data from different sources can be mapped and loaded to the same model structures for different types of business requirements.

The logic of the model is following NRF ARTS, as a common reference model that retailers use to describe enterprise management information systems. Based on data represented in the model, all standard retail and wholesale reporting and analysis Data Marts can be delivered, and ones regularly used are already defined as Subject areas in the model.

PI Retail DWH model ®  is based on strong Primary Key – Foreign Key relationships that will assure consistency in the model itself and in a content of implemented Data Warehouse System. Physical model implementations can be in every standard RDBMS and also in any ODBC-compliant NoSQL environment.

PI Retail DWH model ® is developed with  ERWin and will require ERWin license to view or change. ERWin license is not part of PI Retail DWH model ® license, but we can also provide an ERWin license if needed. The model can be exported to any other standard database modeling tool format.

In the current version of the model, the model has more than 300 Entities (Tables) grouped in 30 Subject areas.

Model customizations

PI Retail DWH model ® is customizable per customer specific requests. There are several types of customizations:

  • Customizing of existing Entities including changing attribute properties (name, type, and description), adding new attributes, adding indexes etc.
  • Creating of new Entities if there is a requirement for a new dimension or new aggregatio
  • Adding new Subject areas with multiple entities that will cover new business area
  • Customization of physical model – defining partitions, block sizes etc.

PI Retail DWH model ® benefits

PI Retail DWH model ®  contains a comprehensive set of subject areas, including a physical warehouse design, as well as a business terminology model and analysis templates that accelerate the development of business applications / a decision support system. PI Retail DWH model ® accelerates development and mitigates risks associated with enterprise data management, data warehousing, and Business Intelligence application development.

PI Retail DWH model ® is a platform-independent solution that contains thousands of hours’ worth of development effort and expertise to help business users and IT staff to implement data marts & analytical applications on time and on budget. It offers the scalability and flexibility needed to address existing and future data consolidation requirements and can be customized to meet specific needs of a retailer.

Benefits for retailers:

  • Delivers competitive advantage by enabling the consolidation of clean data across multiple systems.
  • Supports rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful data.



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