We are proud to say that our customers are companies that are leaders in their industry, who are capable to spot new trends and stay ahead of their competition while introducing innovative solutions to their field.  Our Telco model alone is implemented in more than ten mobile, fixed and broadband operators at three continents with more than 40 million subscribers. If those numbers are not impressive enough we are bringing you testimonials from few of our satisfied customers.

Ooredoo Algeria

Ooredoo Algeria is part of Ooredoo Group, an international telecommunications company, with headquarters in Doha, Qatar. They provide mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services. Ooredoo Algeria maintained revenue market share leadership during H1 2017 and increased customer base to 14 million customers in H1 2017, which is result worth mentioning.

We are member of the one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies, with over 133 million customers across 12 markets, which speaks a lot about extent of our needs when it comes to managing our collected data. Ooredoo Algeria recognized PI Telco Data Warehouse Model as a model that allowed us to reduce the risk of failure, manage our data better and minimize development cost while at the same allowing modifications that we need when we need them.

-Badredine Allouche, Chef De Service DWH

Serbia BroadBand

Serbia BroadBand is part of regional United Group operating in six countries of the former Yugoslavia and a leading operator in the field of analog and digital cable TV, broadband internet and fixed telecommunication in Serbia.

We are producing and collecting anenormous amount of data. Implementation of PI Telco Data Warehouse model enabled us to achieve competitive advantage by allowing clean data consolidation across multiple systems, minimized our development cost and helped us transform our business requirements into solution that works best for us.

-Andrija Derežić, CIO at United Group

Crnogorski Telekom

Crnogorski Telekom is the largest telecommunication company in Montenegro that provides a full range of fixed and mobile telecommunication services (voice, messaging, internet, TV, leased-line circuits, data networks, and ICT solutions). As a technology leader, Crnogorski Telekom is helping businesses in Montenegro to grow, improving the quality of Montenegrin citizens’ life through pioneering and secure technology and diverse products and services to suit their changing digital lifestyle.

PI DWH Model for Telecommunications has been proven to be flexible and easy to use which enabled faster time to the market of CT products and significantly easier maintenance. It did not require any changes since the implementation few years ago, besides integration with new systems, which is the best indication of its quality.

-Jovana Mihajlovac, Head of Enterprise IT Solutions