Author:Matea Bešlin / 23. 07. 2019.

My DWH / BI project went wrong!

In new blog series by Dražen Oreščanin learn some advice you can follow so your DWH / BI project doesn’t go wrong!

In previous blogs in this series, Dražen tried to answer the questions Why do we need Data Warehouse models, What are the main building blocks of Data Warehouse models and How to mitigate risk, control costs and assure quality and fast deliveries in DWH project.

There are many reasons why projects can go wrong, even the ones that are well defined and prepared.

Simply, they are not delivering on their initial expectations – running late, are over the budget and not providing the expected functionality and there is one main reason that is happening because the project is not managed well.

Be sure to read the article which gives some basic advice to ensure a project’s success!

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DWH models provide the basis for quality analysis of available data by deriving accurate information from data, they are business-oriented and based on industry standards and implementation of best practices that are proven in real implementation projects at our clients from various industry areas. They are designed to support and adjust to different needs of our clients from regulatory operational and management reporting all the way to complex simulations and are open for all necessary modifications.

There are four Data Warehouse Models, for Telecommunications, Insurance for both life and non-life insurance, Banking and Retail. They deliver competitive advantage by enabling clean data consolidation across multiple systems and by supporting rapid implementation of warehousing solutions with meaningful data.