Author:Maja Gečević / 05. 01. 2018.

New version of DWH Telco model 3.1

As we continue to work on developing and perfecting our DWH models, we present you a new 3.1 version of the PI DWH model for the telecommunications sector available since last month. The new version brings changes in the Quality of Service Subject Area that is complemented by Network Incident Reason, Network Incident Severity, Cell Request, and Cell Request Type entities. The Subscriber Location Subject Area is supplemented with new Cell Attachment entity, while the Customer Subject Area is extended with Household Relationship Type, Household Relationship and Household Tables. The Sales Subject Area is supplemented by new Sales Event Type and Point of Sale Service tables.

Our Telecommunications Data Warehouse Data Model is standard industry data warehouse model applicable for fixed and mobile telecommunications operators, covering both traditional Business Intelligence requirements and Big Data Analytics. It is based on industry best practices, developed and applied during data warehouse system implementations in major telecoms. Also, it is open for alterations and modifications required by each customer.

The current version of the model consists of over 450 entities (tables) grouped into 35 subjectareas divided into 5 functional groups.